Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Trip & Where to Shop in Hong Kong.

Hey guys!
I just returned from my trip to Hong Kong and I thought I would share some of the photos from my vacation and my favorite places to shop in the city!

View from the Peak.

Mimi's Dessert.
My Ancestral Village in Shunde, China.
Street of Ancestral House.
New Year Eve Fireworks.
Necklaces - Topshop.
Checkered Shirt - Chocolat:, Rest- COMO
Outfit - COMO, Boots - Eden
       Hong Kong is such a huge city and it is hard to know where to even start when shopping. The majority of the massive malls, like Pacific Place and Harbour City, are filled with high- end Western stores. When I go to Hong Kong, I look for stores with items I can't find in the U.S. My personal favorites are Langham Place (Mongkok), Island Beverly & SOGO (Causeway Bay), and Kwai Chung Plaza (Kwai Fong).
       Langham Place has the steepest escalator ever. I felt like it was 90 degrees. Both SOGO, a department store, and the Island Beverly have many places with Japanese and Korean clothing and accessories. At the bottom of SOGO, there is a Japanese supermarket with many chocolate boutiques and a Hello Kitty Cafe! On the other hand, Kwai Chung Plaza gives you a true Hong Kong experience. It is filled with small shops crammed close together and packed with people. There is a little bit of everything. In between the stores, are little bubble tea windows and carts that sell curry fish balls (the spiciest thing I have ever eaten). Some shops sell hundreds of Studio Ghibli, Sanrio, and San-X trinkets and knick knacks. Adjoined to Kwai Chung Plaza, is another mall, Metroplaza, which has nice eateries and even more stores!
       I really enjoyed my trip to Hong Kong and hopefully, you can explore the city yourselves! :)
Until Next Time - Lauren <3

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