Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Halloween Cat.

Hey guys!
Halloween just passed and most college students were pressed to find any costume to make "sexy." Some of the most common costumes for a girl is the bunny and the cat. I decided to be basic and be a cat for Halloween too! However, I DIYed the ears myself and I thought I would share that with you!

Necklace- Urban Outfitters.
Dress- Forever 21 (similar).
Shoes- H&M.
Dress- H&M.
White Dress- H&M (similar).
The Materials I Used.
- Foam Board
- Book Sox, Pillowcases, or anything that can be used as fabric!
- Headband (thin bands are better.)
- Stapler (This is a lifesaver.)
- Glue
- Masking or Duct Tape
- Markers
I cut the ear shapes out of the foam board and taped them onto the headband in the right places. Also, to make the bunny ears bend, I scored (made a thin cut line that doesn't go all the way through the board) the back of the foam board.  Then, I wrapped the cutouts with the desired fabric and glued/ stapled the material into place. It's that simple! This Halloween I had a really fun time and my costume held up all night :) Sorry about the picture quality, all the pictures were taken with my phone. I will talk to you soon; thanks for reading! <3 Lauren

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