Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hello Spring :)

Happy Spring Everyone!

It is finally getting warmer, which means it is sundress and shorts weather! This weekend I am going for a trip up to Brooklyn, so here are some of the things I'll be packing:
Aloha Print Shirt Dress- Topshop.
Pink Tank- Abercrombie & Fitch.
Cardigan- Urban Outfitters.
Shorts- American Apparel.
Shoes- OASAP.
Others: Bumble and bumble Pret- a- powder, Benetint by Benefit, 
Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk, Etude House Blush.

**Light gray and beige are a great neutral colors for the spring! However, it was too hard for me to let go of wearing black completely :P I like to wear black shorts over black tights and black shoes in the spring to elongate my legs. Black knee- socks also work! I love the tights have the built- in knee socks too ;)  Instead of wearing a normal sundress, I decided go for a more masculine and slimming shirt dress. Also, The see- through mesh of the pink tank top and sheer sleeves of the cardigan are lingerie inspired.  The mismatched cat & dog shoes are just a whimsical touch to every outfit and a great conversation starter!

Spring means change. You could...
     1. Try to experiment with new fashion styles and trends.
     2. Dye your hair a different color.
     3. Begin eating healthy (just little things like cutting down on sweets or eating more
     4. Go the the gym or run in the nice weather.
     5. Redecorate your room.
     6. Talk to a stranger.

The possibilities are endless! I plan to do everything on the list myself! Maybe even more! Next time I'll post some spring outfits :) -  Lauren <3

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